Is that really a name?

I see that Farage is launching his Brexit party today and speakers at the launch include Annunziata Rees-Mogg, younger sister of Lord Snooty. I am sure it is terribly wrong to make assumptions about people based on their names but I do find it rather difficult to believe that anyone called Annunziata is very in touch with the man on the street.

We will see……

Andrea Leadsom

The amusingly named Leader of the House has suggested our glorious leader reopens discussions about the withdrawal agreement with Frau Merkel. By now just about everyone in the entire country knows that won’t happen,

The great thing about being surrounded by absolute thickos is it makes me look super bright!

The long arm of the law

So what do you do if you are Vote Leave and you are about to lose your appeal against the case that decided you lied, cheated and broke the law. Abandon your appeal and claim you can’t afford to fight it and that you would have won if you had : quote

“Sadly, we now find ourselves in a position that we do not have the financial resources to carry forward this appeal, even though we are confident that we would have prevailed on the facts in court, We have therefore regretfully decided to discontinue our appeal.”

Cunning hey!