It’s only a flesh wound…

So our glorious leader has survived the no confidence vote. She is, as others have remarked , a bit like the knight in Monty Python who has all his limbs hacked off but carries on fighting, shouting that ” it’s only a flesh wound”!

Mind you it’s a good thing. I don’t want to take over yet. Leave it a bit longer and I will be able to blame the inevitable catastrophe on her, and say ” if only you had put me in charge sooner”. Cunning hey?

Better off or not?

So the government’s own estimates say any form of Brexit leaves us worse off ( don’t ask by how much!). Spreadsheet Phil our wonderful Chancellor, has conceded that is right. In PM’s questions today our glorious leader refused to say whether she agreed with him or not. What a shambles – should have put me in charge!

All agreed?

So the EU have signed off our glorious leader’s deal. Turns out she was fibbing when she kept parroting “no deal is better than a bad deal”.

But it’s not over yet – I can’t se Parliament going along with this. Rather weirdly it’s not clear whether all the Remaining lot hate it even more than us glorious Brexiteers! We shall see!

My brother

Bet you didn’t know I had one! And that he was a Government minister! Anyway he has just resigned. He thinks our glorious leader’s plans are rubbish ( correct) and that we ought to have another referendum ( oh dear). Wonder what will happen next? My day will come…….