Was that wise?

So our glorious leader ( possibly not for much longer) goes on TV, addresses the nation, tells the great unwashed public she is “on your side” and then says it’s all Parliaments fault it’s such a mess.

I am not sure that will go down well with the MPs she is trying to win over.

And then she is off to Brussels to beg (literally) for an extension.

A bit humiliating, but I can blame her…..

we can win this

Here is our glorious leader’s letter to the EU. By buckling and only asking for a short extension she’s trapped.!  If they agree to this then next time round the choice is her deal or no deal., My money is on no deal! Who cares if it causes a few problems for the economy – I will have been proved right! onward to victory!


A Polished Turd!

Quote of this week’s debates went to Conservative backbencher Steve Double. “This is a turd of a deal,” he intoned to the House of Commons, “which has now been taken away and polished, and is now a polished turd. But it might be the best turd that we’ve got.”

I wish I had thought of saying that! Poetry in motion (pun intended!) pip pip!


I have no idea what’s going on. Our glorious leader keeps trying To get her ghastly deal through. Another vote on it next week. ! My plan for a no deal exit has been voted down but we could still leave! What will the EU say? Or we could have a short extension? Or a long one! Crimes, we might not leave at all. What to do now? And we said it would all be easy!


So our glorious leader has lost again, in spectacular style.

What now? I sense my enthusiasm for “no deal” is not going to be supported in today’s vote, and then tomorrow all the feeble donkeys will vote to ask the EU to extend Article 50. But for how long? And for what purpose? Blowed if I know. This all looked so easy when all we had to do was make extravagant promises knowing we would never have to deliver on them. Why do I now have a sneaking feeling it’s not going to end well………