So who leaked the letter Govey and I wrote to our glorious leader moaning that Brexit is going too slowly

To quote from it

“We are profoundly worried that in some parts of government the current preparations are not proceeding with anything like sufficient energy.”

Makes her look a bit of a twerp. Shame!

Oh be quiet!

Why are they all being beastly to me. This is what that ghastly woman Emily Thornberry just said:
“How many more time does this need to happen? How many times does the foreign secretary have to insult our international partners, damage our diplomatic relations, and now imperil the interests of British nationals abroad? What will it take before the prime minister says enough is enough?”
It was only a minor faux pas about some journalist in an Iranian jail and I have admitted I could have been clearer so just be quiet will you.

Bloody cheek

So the Germans say I’m slowing things down by stopping our glorious leader making a better offer. Bloody cheek! Here is what I  had to say about it in the Commons. Masterful or what?

“It is up to our friends and partners in the EU now to look seriously at the offer we are making, particularly on citizens, and to make progress. Everybody wants to make progress. Everybody wants to give the 3.2m EU citizens in this country the maximum possible reassurance and security. That can only happen once our friends and partners decide to get serious in these negotiations.”
So there!