Moving House

So Hammond is still hanging on as Chancellor and he was trying to explain why a transitional agreement with the EU was a Good Idea. He  seems to be getting some flak just because he said that ” when you buy a new house you don’t necessarily move all your furniture in on the first day you buy it”. It appears that’s not quite right and most people in fact do move all their furniture in on day 1. Can’ t understand that – doesn’t everyone have at last three houses?

Very odd!

Eating Cake!

Did you hear me on Chanel 4 news. They asked me about the future and I made clear there was no problem at all – “What I certainly think we can do is get the best of both worlds”. I explained this was easy as all we needed was “frictionless, tariff-free trade” while “also being able to do free trade deals”.

Can’t see any problem with this!

Row of the Summer

Remember how old Dopey Davis promised only a few weeks ago that there would be the “row of the summer” if the EU would not negotiate a trade deal in parallel with an exit agreement. Well one day into the talks and he has already conceded that one!
All mouth and no trousers if you ask me! Feeble as well as stupid!
My day will come!

Positioning Papers

So talks finally start talks with the EU on Monday. Apparentl they have sent us their opening “positioning paper” and are now moaning that we have not sent one in return. Can’t say I am surprised – if we don’ t know what our position is how are supposed to produce a paper! It’s going to be chaotic, mark my words. Especially with old Dopey Davis still in the driving seat! Hey ho!