How many?

So over 4 million people,signed that wretched petition, and over a million marched in London against Brexit. I wonder if my strategy is entirely sound……best keep my head down for a while,as our glorious leader flounders around some more.

Was that wise?

So our glorious leader ( possibly not for much longer) goes on TV, addresses the nation, tells the great unwashed public she is “on your side” and then says it’s all Parliaments fault it’s such a mess.

I am not sure that will go down well with the MPs she is trying to win over.

And then she is off to Brussels to beg (literally) for an extension.

A bit humiliating, but I can blame her…..

we can win this

Here is our glorious leader’s letter to the EU. By buckling and only asking for a short extension she’s trapped.!  If they agree to this then next time round the choice is her deal or no deal., My money is on no deal! Who cares if it causes a few problems for the economy – I will have been proved right! onward to victory!