Trip to the bookies?

Think I might sneak down to the bookies and put a crafty bet on our exit day on March 29 being extended. Can’t see how that date can be maintained whatever we need to do now. What a mess ( don’t quote me on n that!). Might as well make a few bob!

Plan B

I am still not clear what our glorious leader’s “Plan B” actually entails? I am getting a little worried that no one likes her “Plan A” and actually all those spineless MPs may suddenly develop some backbone and block us “crashing out”. Crikey! If so that leaves either another referendum or no Brexit at all. I a, now blagging that a no deal exit will be fine but actually that really is total bollocks – even I know that. Not sure I like the corner I am being boxed into

What to do?

What Defeat?

So our glorious leader has gone down in the biggest government defeat in Parliamentary history. I have cunningly announced that simply gives her a massive mandate to go back to Brussels to renegotiate a new agreement. Whatever she does now I am in the clear. Clever hey?

Tony Blair

So our glorious leader has launched a very grumpy attack on Tony Blair for calling for a second referendum. Can’t help thinking she’s getting a bit rattled! Mind you a second vote isn’t part of my master plan. Could it happen?

It’s only a flesh wound…

So our glorious leader has survived the no confidence vote. She is, as others have remarked , a bit like the knight in Monty Python who has all his limbs hacked off but carries on fighting, shouting that ” it’s only a flesh wound”!

Mind you it’s a good thing. I don’t want to take over yet. Leave it a bit longer and I will be able to blame the inevitable catastrophe on her, and say ” if only you had put me in charge sooner”. Cunning hey?