Look just because I am off on a foreign trip ( not sure where yet) and hence not voting on Heathrow’s third runway despite my splendid promise to ” lie in front of the bulldozers” does not mean I am hiding. Of course I won’t run away when Brexit all goes wrong……..

Have our cake and eat it?

This plan is not going that well. Here is what that fellow Banier had to say today:-

“The UK has decided to leave the EU’s institutions, structures and safeguards. It will be a third country outside Schengen and outside the EU’s legal order. This is a fact. And facts have consequences.

The UK’s recent paper on security expresses a desire to keep the benefits of EU membership. This is understandable when you look at what we have achieved together as a union in internal security together …

Is there another region in the world where sovereign states built together a common area without internal border controls? Where citizens enjoy free movement and security and can avail of shared institutions to make sure their fundamental rights are protected? This cooperation is both, in fact, unique and unprecedented. And it is made possible by the trust between member states.

This trust does not fall from the sky. There is no magic wand. As I said in Lisbon, in front of the Federation for European Law [in this speech], this trust is founded on an ecosystem based on common rules and safeguards, shared decisions, joint supervision and implementation, and a common court of justice.

If you leave this ecosystem, you lose the benefits of this cooperation. You are a third country because you have decided to be so. And you need to build a new relationship.”

Better try Plan B – oh hang on a sec…………

Don’t panic!

Look it was a private dinner and I didn’t know I was being recorded, all right. Yes I did say we are “going to go into a phase where we are much more combative with Brussels”


:“You’ve got to face the fact there may now be a meltdown. OK? I don’t want anybody to panic during the meltdown. No panic. Pro bono publico, no bloody panic. It’s going to be all right in the end.”

And that Brexit will happen but the “risk is that it will not be the one we want”.

Hey ho!

20 billion?

That’s what HMRC are saying a new customs system could cost per year! Yikes! They should know! That’s more than we pay the EU. Something’s going wrong here! And don’t mention that bloody bus again please!