Cunning or what?

So I have got our ambassador to send a photocopy of the letter I am supposed to send asking for a Brexit extension, without me signing it. At the same time I have sent another letter which I have signed saying it’s not a good idea! How clever is Dominic! What do you mean I’ll find myself in court……

Roll the dice….

I have chucked Northern Ireland in the bin. I have had enough of the Ulstermen and have done a deal with the EU with a border down the Irish Sea. Can’t keep everyone happy. Can I get it through Parliament without them …… who knows…..

No news is good news

Still talking in Brussels though time is running out! I have been encouraging lots of upbeat waffle about how we are nearly there and it’s almost in the bag. Need to keep the mad Irishmen on side as well as all the loony brexiteeers! Is it true? Wait and see….