Not Remotely Acceptable!

That’s what the European Parliament’s Brexit committee have rather rudely said about my splendid new conciliatory Ireland plan. What’s wrong with giving a veto to Stormont ( yes I know they have not sat for three years). Anyway now I can say we tried and it’s all the pig headed Europeans fault! Cunning hey! Just the Benn Act to get round now. Watch this space! Dominic……

Humbug and surrender

I am going to carry on being as inflammatory as I can about that “Surrender bill” and such like. The angrier they all get the more I like it! And I plan to find a way round it if I have to. Is it a good idea having a Prime Minister who suggests he won’t obey the law? Who cares!

Cautiously optimistic

That is how I am describing our prospects of a deal with the EU. It’s all complete bollocks of course. I am cunningly making plans to blame everyone else when it goes tits up. Step 1 is describing the Act that tries to prevent my leaving without a deal on October 31 as ” Corbyn’s surrender bill”. Then when we don’t get a deal I can say it’s Corbyn’s fault for forcing me to take the pressure off. Clever or what?