Another defection

And now our majority is gone. Can’t help thinking it’s not going to plan. Live on TV whilst I was speaking. Bugger! And now the Speaker has given the rebels a chance to seize control of the agenda. The vote on this looks a little tricky…..

Calm down!

Ok I am going to suspend Parliament. I know I said I wasn’t attracted to the idea but I lied! It’s a cunning wheeze to stop everyone plotting against me. Everyone is getting very agitated about it But I will say its business as usual and bluster it out. What can go wrong?

Melton Mowbray pork pies

What a cracking example of how a US trade deal will be the bees knees I thought. We can export this great English delicacy there. I was on the radio explaining how we already send them to Iceland and Thailand so why not the US of A. Turns out we don’t actually export them anywhere except maybe Ireland ( and let’s not discuss Ireland) and their shelf life means it’s a complete non starter. Can’t help thinking this trade business is a little trickier than I realised!